Summer Delight

I had (again) forgotten the user name and password for this ol’ thing, my apologizes to the masses of people who read this blog.

Anyway, to catch you all up, I’m done with my sophomore/junior year of college. Started the summer off with the 48-Hour Film Project (our film, Precious Metals The Otto Steinholz Story won)…and wait, that’s it? Well, it was a fun first week of summer. And then came the summer job, Knight Printing (again). Except this time, I’m working the day shift (5:00 AM-3:30 PM) instead of the horrid night shift (4:30 PM-??? AM), so it’s reasonably better. Maybe. OK, it is actually better. Working dayshift, that is. *cough*

So, eventually my birthday came around. I plan on getting sooooooooo sloshed everyday. Oh wait, no, never mind. Um, it’s just that basically I can go to 21+ shows now. Horray!

In case you all don’t know, I now work at the Fargo Public Library (downtown branch) and I’ve had the opportunity to take the time and find some good books to read. I recommend the following:

This one, called Hooking Up: Sex, Dating and Relationships on Campus, basically made me feel horrible for being a man. However, it was incredibly insightful in understanding sex roles, especially with people who are my age. Also, for those of you who aren’t into the whole “getting wasted and having druken sex at parties”, this will assure you that you are, in fact, not missing out on anything.

This one is a reaaaaal downer, but oh so wonderful. Basically, it deals with how capitalism has been twistedly morphed into over-consumptious market with an attitude that screams “I’M AMERICAN: WATCH ME BUY SHIT THAT I DON’T NEED”. Benjamin R. Barber frequently cites two sociologists (Max Weber and Karl Marx) that I would A. have dinner with; B. play catch with; C. carpool with; D. have a frank discussion of how people are disgustingly horrible to one another. While this book is basically all opinion, he does makes creditable points and uses reputable sources to back him up.

This needs no explanation, just read it.

I would do video games, but Toby has that covered here. I do completely concur with that list. What a good man he is. I suppose though, when I have time, I’ll do some music recommendationz.

I do have some things to look forward to in the future, as in, a new place of residence in August. You will all be amazed at it. I guarantee it.

Oh, P.S. I love Dennis Kucinich. I’ll explain moar next time.

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