Home Stretch.

There are only 12 more days left of my summer job, and I swear those 12 days are going to seem like 12 years. My parents, since early July, have been saying to me that I’m on “the home stretch”. Well, it’s been a very long home stretch, and I think the problem is that they preemptively said it; way too soon, I might add.

But now, it feels that I actually am on the home stretch. My apartment deal has been finalized and I move in Sept. 1st. I bought a toaster-oven and a vintage table lamp to…celebrate?

I saw two of these at Savers today when I was looking for furniture.
My enemies will be receiving these in the mail.

According to my last post, I indicated that I’m going to change my habits. Well, I’m kind of putting that aside until my summer job is over. Working 12 to 14 hours a day 6 days a week doesn’t allow me the time nor the energy to exercise, eat healthy and meet a lot of new people. Or am I just using work as an excuse again? Perhaps. At least this summer I’ve been knocking back books like a prescription pill addict knocking back copious amounts of medication…like House with vicodin. I still need to get around to watching movies on my Netflix queue. Instead, I’ve been watching old episodes of Daria and new episodes of Mad Men online. Damn you convenient streaming online database of glorious TV shows.

In other media, I’ve been listening to the new Parenthetical Girls album, Entanglements, which is very good. Other bands and albums include The Dead Science and their upcoming album,  Villainaire, Hauschka’s new album, Ferndorf, and Josephine Foster’s newest, This Coming Gladness, all of which I recommend to everyone.

In the meanwhile…S.W.A.T. Kats.

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