Anal Retentive: Beginnings

January 1, 2008

Having published this domain name and customizing the header weeks before writing this post, I had decided to wait until January 1st of 2008 to begin posting. You may be asking, “Well why didn’t you just start posting immediately?” My answer to you is so blatantly symbolic of my personality that it is sickening. Sickening. I waited because I wanted to start this blog that coincides easily with a time line. Coincidence? Perhaps. Anal retentive? Oh yeah. Of course, nothing screams “time line” than the Gregorian calendar. And why not just go along and make the blog play nicely with easily memorable dates? It just makes it that much easier for me to remember when I started: January first, two-thousand and eight, Anno Domini, Gregorian time.

And so, at 5:23 am, there is only but the pressure of an invisible hand squeezing the back of my head into a dried orange and grime in my eyes as the lids resist the heaviness of the weight trying to pull them down. No feelings stir within and an
incommodious and self-conscience me decides to go to bed.

2008 better improve quickly. Or else.